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Private Group

Our private sessions help our youth achieve the greatest amout of success in the least amount of time.

Career Building

Students, entrepreneurs and managers looking to go into a career in the arts will find our business building sessions beneficial.

Helping Artists Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW SOUND

Sounds of Tomorrow is geared towards helping participants identify their strengths, build new skills and increase their self-esteem. Our programming is designed to be a culturally responsive and trauma-sensitive approach to arts education. Our modules combine an attention to behavioral therapy and eastern mindfulness practices.


Managin the Mind.

Distress Tolerence

Managing boundaries

Interpersonal Dynamics

Working with others.

Emotional Resolution

Utilizing conversational intelligence


Learn from top industry professionals.


Improve your well-being with wholistic support.


Help sustain a culture of service in your community.


Travel and share your talents and serve communiies.

What We Do

Sounds of Tomorrow is a dynamic, innovative and global artist ecosystem that works with youth and adult creatives in under-served communities to promote social change through the Arts via positive messaging, talent development and holistic educational programming.

We provide the opportunity for artists to immerse in an expansive community of individuals on a path of evolution that offers a space to increase their magnetism, viability and sustainability.

Where is Sounds of Tomorrow located?

Sounds of Tomorrow programming currently can be found in Essex County New Jersey specifically in East Orange and Newark NJ.

If you are looking to bring the Sounds of Tomorrow opportunity to a city near you, visit our contact page and submit your request. Our Account managers are working hard every day to share this opportunity Nationwide.

What are the requirements to be in the program?

High school and college students are required to register with their schools in order to participate in the programs offered through their local institutions.
Adult members are required to pay a nominal fee to access the support they feel they need.

Please visit our membership page for more details.

Do I have to have a talent to join?

The Sounds of Tomorrow programming has opportunity for artists at all levels. No matter what your skill, SOT meets you were you are.

What programs do Sounds of Tomorrow teach?

The mediums that we teach can be found on the SOT Academy page.
The in person curricula guides students through a process that is a culturally responsive and trauma sensitive approach to arts education.
With this, Sounds of Tomorrow operates 2 standard curriculums (1) YOGA IS ART for a chosen flagship location and (2) ART IS LIT for satellite locations that connect to the chosen flag ship location.
YOGA IS ART teaches artists how to establish, nurture and grow their craft as a business.
ART IS LIT teaches artists how to transform their craft into the texts/material they are learning in school.

Does Sounds of Tomorrow offer internships?

Of course!
Sounds of Tomorrow offers opportunity for those looking to work in the industry and we believe the best way to prepare for that arena is to get you hands on working on jobs that require industry standard output.

An Artist Eco-System


Integration into our community involves intentional work to observe and transform yourself and your perceptions of the world. Our programs combine the principles of yogic philosophy in a culturally relevant way to encourage artists to improve the self as a means to improve the collective community.


“Sounds of Tomorrow gives the opportunity to work with industry professionals who are experts in their field. This is a huge opportunity that is not easily available in the entertainment industry.”

“Sounds of Tomorrow provides community members real access to wealth and resources. There are many people who have been waiting for an opportunity to showcase their talent and be apart of something rich and historical and Sounds of Tomorrow offers just that.”

“There should be a Sounds of Tomorrow in every school in every city, in every country.”

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Our app provides artists with a range of benefits, and opportunities to empower themselves in a variety of ways.

Artists can maintain social connections and support networks that otherwise wouldn’t be possible, and can access more resources than ever before.

The communities and social interactions that form in our app are invaluable for bolstering, developing and nurturing artists and their supportive communities.

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