SOT School Programming

All of our school programs provide an opportunity for students to explore art in innovative and nuanced ways. Sounds of Tomorrow identifies a flagship location, often a performing arts specialty school, within a district that supports multiple satellite schools nearby. 

Each program incorporates STEAM elements together with a culturally responsive and trauma sensitive approach to learning. Students learn to creatively and critically think in order to improve the self, solve problems and collaborate effectively with others. Our goal is to nurture artists who are grounded, take thoughtful risks and are excited about learning.

Magnet/Specialty Schools

For Flagship Locations

To be considered as a flagship location, your school must be:

  • Categorized as a magnet and/or performing arts school
  • In need of a pipeline program
  • Able to designate a space for program implementation

Comprehensive Schools

For Satellite Locations

To be considered as a satellite location, your school must be:

  • In service to underrepresented / under-served populations
  • A non-performing arts school interested in implementing programming for creatives

Program Options

High School Only

“Art is Lit!” 

This progam creates an opportunity to address and improve literacy scores by providing a space for students to embark on a journey with literacy that promotes personal, social and intellectual progress. The program yokes academic guidelines with creative expression.

“Art is Yoga!” 

Thia program teaches students how to monetize their passions as they embark on a journey of individual and group projects that bring them closer to understanding topics related to social media marketing, strategic partnering, self care and entrepreneurship. 

Program Options

For Adults Only


A 30-day intensive cohort opportunity for creatives to work collaboratively on a project as they dive into their individual strengths, areas for growth, organizational skills, etc. This project is a fast-track course towards developing self and interpersonal accountability, as well as a baseline for creating viable strategic partnerships.



A 30-day intensive for individuals who are looking to deepen their industry knowledge, self-care practices and develop a particular personal project. This project is a fast-track course towards personal and professional development in order to increase magnetism and create more dynamic entrepreneurial endeavors. 

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