Travel Membership

Your Travel Membership connects  you to unique opportunities for cultural exchanges and immersions.

Locally. Nationally. Globally.

SOT creates programs that are individually and specifically designed to best serve the needs of local and indigenous communities around the world.

Our goal is to provide programs that are mutually beneficial to our artists and the communities we work with to ensure that we are able to build long-lasting, sustainable relationships that can grow and develop over time.

The purpose is not only to give artists the chance to share their art with the world, but also to stimulate and encourage economic growth and empowerment for all involved.

Membership Includes
  • Exclusive membership pricing on travels
  • 1 FREE language class per week
  • 1 Culture Convo per month
  • Priority consideration for applications & scholarships
  • Find out about upcoming trips before they go live.
  • Sliding scale pricing on private language classes & resources
Can I apply to international programs if I am not a member of Sounds of Tomorrow?

Yes, you can apply to international programs without being a member; however you must pay a $35 application fee and are required to pay a $5.99 monthly international department membership fee. If you are not a Sounds of Tomorrow member, you do not receive exclusive membership offers and promotions.

What do I need in order to travel abroad?

Each country has different requirements for entry. In order to travel internationally, you must have a valid U.S. Passport with at least 6 months to expiration after you enter the country. A specific list of required documents and travel gear will be sent in advance to all artists chosen to participate in programming.

Do I need special shots, medication, etc. to travel abroad?

Depending on where you are traveling, you may be required to receive vaccines against chickenpox, pneumonia, typhoid fever, yellow fever, rabies, hepatitis A & B, malaria or other. You may need to take precautions about eating and drinking. You will be informed of any special cases of immunization/vaccinations prior to departure.

Will I be required to book my own flights, transportation and accommodations?

In most cases, your accommodation and transportation needs will be organized by the company. In some cases, you may be required to purchase your own flight and in some cases, the company will be able to organize your travel arrangements. You will be responsible for purchasing your own travel insurance to protect or reimburse your ticket, etc. in the event that you are required to change your plans. We suggest to use Travel Guard.

Can I bring a member of my family on a trip with me?

It can be exciting and normal to want to share an experience like this with a friend or loved one; however, we do not allow persons who have not been admitted to the program to travel with us. This includes children.

Will my phone work in another country?

You must check with your phone service provider to ensure whether or not you will have service in another country. Many providers offer international plans or may be able to temporarily unlock your phone so that you can purchase and insert a SIM card in your destination country.

Are there scholarships available to participate in programming?

It is our goal to make these opportunities accessible to artists in all walks of life. Each trip will offer a specified amount of full and partial scholarships. Be sure to read the information provided carefully to know about application dates and deadlines.

Our Travel Process

Must be a Travel Member to be selected for trips.


Complete and submit all components of the online application.


Be chosen for a phone or video interview with our staff to qualify.


Turn in required travel documents and make payments on your trip.


Travel to different countries and make connections worldwide.

 If you ever wanted to travel with a group of creative people, help indigenous countries, share your gifts

 with the world, here’s your chance!

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